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    Safety Coated Wide Mouth Packer Bottles

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    Safety Coated Wide Mouth Packer Bottles

    Safety Coated Wide Mouth Packer Bottles

    Safety Coated Amber Wide Mouth Packer Bottles are normal glass packers coated in plastisol, which is a solution of PVC resin in a liquid plasticizer that cools to form a perfectly-fitting plastic coating. If the glass breaks, the plastic coating contains the substance in the bottle long enough to allow for proper disposal. Plus, these plastic coated glass packer bottles are harder to break and easier to grip than normal glass bottles, reducing the likelihood of breakage occurring in the first place.

    Amber Glass Packer Bottles feature a wide mouth and are a great general purpose bottle for solids. The amber color filters out ultraviolet wavelengths, the glass offers excellent chemical resistance with minimal chemical interference, and the plastisol coating offers additional protection against lab mishaps.

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